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About us

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Explorom Special Services is part of OXO Network group of companies.
More informations about what we do you can find out on OXO’s website


Check out what we got
  • 62.000 sqm of land
    • 15 industrial buildings totaling 8500 sqm. 12 of the buildings are from the category of special purpose buildings that includes special building material and exterior surroundings special designed for protection in case of explosions. These 12 buildings are:
      • 5 designated explosives, powders and ammunition warehouses
      • 7 production warehouses
    • The rest of 3 buildinGs are for general goods warehouse, offices and sleeping areas for at leaset 20 to 30 people.
  • Testing range (polygon)
    • Is under improvement works
    • 63.000 sqm of land
    • 300m long testing range