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Smoke grenades

Smoke masking pyrotechnic compositions are intended to equip:

  • the product „GFM-76-ESS visible and infrared masking grenade”, also known as the GFM-76 acronym.
  • blows with visible and infrared masking smoke grenades – LGFM-ESS ”manufactured by Explorom Special Services SRL.

Masking smoke grenade GFM-76, but also visible and infrared masking smoke grenade strikes are intended for making masking smoke curtains in the spectral range of visible radiation (0.42 – 0.70 m) and infrared: close (0.7 – 1.6 m), medium infrared (3 – 5 m) and distant (8 – 14 m).
The GFM-76 smoke grenade is part of the horse grenade launcher. 76 mm (SGL-76) from the Laser and Radar Lighting Warning System (SAILR).

The Laser and Radar Lighting Warning System (SAILR), which is located on combat and armored vehicles in order to warn and ensure countermeasures of masking and protection against weapon systems that have detection and impact systems in the visible or infrared spectrum, in all climatic, mechanical and electrical environmental conditions specified by national and NATO reference standards.
The 76 mm caliber masking system but also of other calibers together with SAILR / SAPLAR / SAPLAS form the Warning and Masking System, SAM.

Our GFM-76-ESS smoke grenade tests

Caracteristici fizice

Aspect exteriorMaterial cu granule uniforme.
CuloareRoșu cărămiziu
Densitatea de încărcare  Minim 1,50 g/cm3
ClasificareGF-RPP-00Compoziție pirotehnică pe bază de fosfor roșu marca 00
GF-RPP-01Compoziție pirotehnică pe bază de fosfor roșu marca 01
GF-RPP-02Compoziție pirotehnică pe bază de fosfor roșu marca 02

Caracteristici chimice

Tipul compoziției pirotehniceCaracteristica (Compoziția chimică)Informații (Conținut masic de componente)
GF-RPP-00P (Fosfor roșu)  29 ± 2,0 %
KNO3  69 ± 5,0 %
C13H12O2 (Iditol)     2 ± 0,5 %
GF-RPP-01P (Fosfor roșu)  50 ± 5,0 %
KNO3  40 ± 4,0 %
Binder PIB     10 ± 1 %
GF-RPP-02Hexogen (RDX)  35 ± 3,0 %
Binder PIB  55 ± 5,0 %
DMDNB     10 ± 1 %

Caracteristici de performanță, siguranță și compatibilitate

Stabilitate chimică la vacuum conform STANAG 4556 (Volum specific al gazelor)£ 1cm3/g
Sensibilitate la temperatură conform STANAG 4515 (Analiză Termică Diferențială)Temperatura de autoinflamare mai mare de 200 0C